What does this Section Cover

This section provides cover for the Specified Events as set out in the table below.

What are the Benefits?




Non Medicare Medical Benefits

Reimbursement of Non-Medicare Medical expenses incurred within 12 Calender months results in;

  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Ambulance Transport Cost
  • Chiropractic
  • Dental Services (to whole sound teeth only)
  • Ancillary Medical Procedures
  • Theatre Fees in Private Hospital where Medicare does not apply
  • Orthotics, Splints & Prosthesis where Medical Practioner considers medically necessary.

90% reimbursement

$7,500 maximum per claim

$50 Excess per Claim

Other Benefits




Student Allowance Benefit

Non-Income Earners $200 per week

Domestic Home Help

Non-Income Earners $200 per week

Physiotherapy Benefits

If during the Scope of Cover, an Insured Person suffers Bodily Injury which within twelve (12) calendar months result in physiotherapy treatment required and provided by a suitably qualified physiotherapist the Insurer will pay the following:  
  Visits 1 – 5 95% (of the fee charged less rebates from other sources)
  Visits 6 – 10 80% (of the fee charged less rebates from other sources)
  All other visits 70% (of the fee charged less rebates from other sources)


Each and every claim – $50

All Other Benefits

As per Insurance Policy Wording

Policy Wording

Sportscover Player Accident Policy Wording