This summary of cover provides a general outline of the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy arranged on behalf of the Yarra Junior Football League. Full Terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and benefits are set out in the Policy Document a copy of which is available from this web site located on the Policy Documents page.


Group Personal Accident

Period of Insurance

31st March 2023 to 31st March 2024


Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd under an authority from Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s

Policy Number


Who is the Insured

Yarra Junior Football League & Affiliated Member Clubs

Who is covered by this Policy

Any member of The Insured, or any person actively engaged in and appropriately registered for the purpose of playing the Sport of The Insured (Australian Rules Football) This includes any officials, and/or co-opted volunteers of The Insured

When are you Covered

(a) Playing in official matches under the auspices of The Insured(b) Engaged in orgainised training or practice (including practice matches) for the Sport as noted in The Schedule

(c) Travelling directly to or from or between activities described in (a) or (b) above and the Insured Person’s normal place of residence or place of employment. Any amount payable under Section 4.1 Capital Benefit shall be limited to 20% of the applicable benefit.

(d) Staying away from the Insured Person’s home district including overseas travel during a tour for the purpose of participating in representative matches and/or any other games duly authorized by The Insured.

(e) Actually engaged in administrative or organized social activities of The Insured

Policy Wording

Sportscover Player Accident Policy Wording

Please refer to the Policy Document for a complete list of Policy Conditions and Exclusions. The Policy can be found at Policy Documents.