Yarra Junior Football League Incorporated and associate member clubs.

Journey description

The Journey means the time from when You leave Your home to go directly to the place You depart from on Your travels and ends when you return to Your home. The maximum Journey duration under this Policy is 90 days and the Journey must occur during the Period of Insurance noted on The Schedule and be for the purposes of the Sport or business noted in The Schedule. The Journey must involve interstate or overseas travel.

Est Number of Days travelling interstate

300 days.

Schedule of Benefits

Sum Insured as per table of conditions – each Insured Person.

Policy Section

Insured Benefits

Sum Insured

Section 1A Medical Expenses Incurred Overseas/Medical Evacuation $10,000,000
  Excess each and every claim $100
  (cover under this benefit will cease upon an Insured Person’s return to their normal country of residence)  
Section 1B Additional Expenses $10,000
Section 2 Loss of Deposits, Cancellation and Curtailment Expenses $10,000
  Missed Transport Sub Limit $2,000
Section 3 Rental Vehicle Excess/Return of Vehicle $3,000
Section 4 Personal Accident & Sickness  
  Capital Benefits  
  Event 1 – Accidental Death (Under 18 years old 20%) $100,000
  Events 2-19 as per schedule
  Loss of income arising from Injury  
  Weekly Benefit – 75% of Net income Lost to a maximum of $1,000
  Excess Period 14 days
  Benefit Period 104 weeks
  Loss of Income arising from Sickness  
  Weekly Benefit – 75% of net income Lost to a maximum of Not insured
  Excess Period 14 days
  Benefit Period 104 weeks
  Bed Care Benefit  
  Daily Benefit $100 per day
  Maximum Days 30
  Section 4 – Aggregate Limit  
  (a) Any one claim and in the aggregate $4,000,000
  (b) Non-Schedule Aircraft Nil
Section 5 Baggage, Business Property, Electronic Equip, Money / Travel Documents, Baggage/Business Property $20,000
  Limit any one Item $2,500
  Excess each and every loss $100
  Electronic Equipment  
  Limit any one item/loss $2,000
  Excess each and every loss $250
  Deprivation of Baggage $2,000
  Money/Travel Documents $1,000
  Excess each and every loss Nil
Section 6 Personal Liability  
  Limit of Liability – any one loss and in the aggregate $5,000,000
  Excess each and every loss Nil
Section 7 Kidnap & Ransom $250,000
  Maximum any one event and in the aggregate  
  Excess each and every loss Nil
Section 8 Hijack & Detention  
  Daily Benefit $100
  Maximum Days 30
  Legal Costs $5,000
Policy Condition If another Policy is held with Sportscover paying similar benefits or compensation, the maximum We shall pay in the event of any one claim will be the higher of the policy limits under those policies but shall only be payable once.
Important Note Product Disclosure Statements and other documents are available at
  Sportscover Assist – 24 Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance
  Sportscover Assist utilises the services of the Specialty Group to help you with all your emergency medical requirements.
  Specialty Group Ltd has trained medical staff to assist you with emergency medical assistance. You must contact us immediately in the event of you becoming ill or have an accident.
  For emergency assistance anywhere in the world at any time, Specialty Group Ltd is only a telephone call away. The team will help with medical problems, locating nearest medical facilities, your evacuation home, locating nearest embassies and consulates as well as keeping you in touch with your family and work in an emergency.
  If you are hospitalised you, or a member of your travelling party, MUST contact Specialty Group Ltd as soon as possible.
  If you do not, we will not pay for these expenses or for any evacuation or airfares that have not been approved or arranged by us (see Sections 1 and 3).
  If you are not hospitalised by you are being treated as an outpatient, and the total cost of such treatment will exceed AUD $2,000, you MUST contact Specialty Group Ltd immediately.

In the event of an emergency call +44 (0) 20 7902 7993 to contact specialty group Ltd.

As soon as you become ill, contact us and our medical assistance team will help direct you to the appropriate hospital or health care facility. Subject to medical advice, you must take our advice as to where you can be treated to ensure you receive quality medical care. We also have the option of returning you to Australia or evacuating you to another country, if the cost of your overseas medical expenses could exceed the cost of returning you to Australia.

For information about The Specialty Group please go to


Sportscover via Lloyds of London

Policy Wording

Sportscover Travel Policy Wording